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The Moore Pond Weather Station is also on Weather Underground and the WeatherLink network.

Need help? E-mail the station manager.

Other ways to get data from the Moore Pond Weather Station:

  1. Call (850) 391-5464 and press 1 for conditions or 2 for the forecast
  2. Send a text to (850) 391-5464 and get weather texted back to you
  3. Send an IM to the screen name MoorePond on America Online (AOL). Send 'forecast', or 'report' for the current conditions
  4. Send an e-mail message to and get the conditions and forecast e-mailed back to you
  5. Follow the Moore Pond Weather Station on Facebook and Twitter for bulletins and daily summaries
  6. Log in to have the Moore Pond Weather Station send you data

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Latest radar

Radar image courtesy of Weather Underground